Mukambi Safari Lodge


Mukambi Safari Lodge has accommodation that meets everyone’s needs. Each type of accommodation has its own specific features and level of luxury. But all of them have some things in common:

  • Positioned to secure maximum privacy
  • Designed to enhance your Africa bush experience
  • All types of accommodation are located near the riverside
  • Next door to Wild Africa. Wild animals in your back garden!
  • High end service for all

We offer 3 types of accommodation: Family Villa, Chalet and Safari Tent.


Mukambi Safari Lodge does organize several activities from the lodge that will contribute to your bush experience in Kafue National Park. You can explore the wilderness of the park while driving, while boating or even on foot.

Game Drives
On our game drives we take you in a open safari vehicle with a canopy into areas of the park that are good for game viewing. Picture yourself on a high bench in the back of a Landrover enjoying baboons that play, elephants that bath, lions that sleep or cheetahs that hunt. Every game drive is different from the other. Kafue National Park is wild and animals are unpredictable!

However, on our game drives you will have a very good chance to spot puku, impala, zebra, waterbuck, bushbuck, kudu, warthog, elephant, hippo, vervet monkey and hartebeest. With a bit of luck you can add lion, leopard, cheetah, roan antelope, sable antelope, buffalo, wildebeest, wild dog and serval to that list. And at night there is a fair chance of spotting porcupine, different species of mongoose, genets and civets.

Each game drive lasts about 3 hours. But if you spot a leopard it might take longer…

Boat cruises
Mukambi Safari Lodge is positioned right on the mighty Kafue River. What else than a boat cruise gives you a better opportunity to take in the beauty of the Kafue River?

Our boat cruises last about 3 hours and you will definitely see hippo’s and crocodiles. The Kafue hippo’s are very different from their colleagues in the Zambezi River; these are really wild! Often you will see elephants on the banks of the river or even crossing the river. With a little bit of luck you might also see massive herds of buffalo quenching their thirst, fish eagles catching fish from the river or a leopard dozing in a tree.

Especially our sunset cruises are very popular. And once you have experienced a sunset on the Kafue River you know exactly what we are talking about. Many tell us that it was the most beautiful sunset they have ever seen…

Walking Safaris
Is the car too easy for you or the boat too leisurely? Than a walking safari is exactly what you are looking for. Closer to nature you cannot get. Closer to a Real Africa safari neither.

During a walking safari our guides will explain things to you about the bush that are easily overlooked. They will tell you about the medicinal use of certain trees. They tell you about the creepies and crawlies that bother you so often. And you might encounter some real wildlife. Coming eye to eye with a bull elephant!

A walking safari lasts about 3 hours and is best done in the early morning. With our boat we will take you to the opposite side of the river from where your adventure will start.