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October 15, 2010

When I was in my twenties, struggling to find a career, I lucked upon a movie and remember a line that went something like this “find something you really enjoy doing, then try find a way to make a living out of it”. I figured well, I really like going on holiday, so I did, and I suppose I still am.

I spent the better part of four years guiding groups of international tourists through Africa on overland safaris. I then decided to go to Cape Town on holiday and bumped into a young man by the name of Justin Bonello, who offered me the opportunity to travel with him on the road with “Cooked” and work as his producer .

We spent the next four years travelling through Africa and creating some of the most amazing programs. So technically I have spent the better part of eight years on holiday in Africa, some of it we filmed and some of it we just experienced.

The one thing I learned from it all is that there are very few jobs that you just don’t want to give up! Travelling, going on safari or producing travel shows in southern Africa offered me rich experiences of Africa and her people. I am ever grateful to have had the opportunities I have had in Africa and with the ‘Cooked’ crew.

Some words of advice may be “don’t make travel your job, you may never come back!” and in the words of a dear friend of mine “once a drifter always a drifter!” Ok… so between holidays I do get to do a bit of work – have a look at Cooked Travel, we have put together an amazing group of people to help turn your holiday ideas into reality.

I am off to work on other great projects in Africa and will be writing articles from time to time. I hope to bump into you along the way.

Safe Travels,

Darren Putter

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