Travel with a Conscience

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October 15, 2010

It is most important for every visitor to realise that you are just that … a visitor to a country, a region and for that matter to this planet.

However, travelling to merely observe will leave you with a shallow experience of Africa.

Get off the bus and take a walk through the village. Stay a night and experience the real pulse of Africa.

The best way to do this must certainly be an overland safari. Twenty people sharing one vehicle, one tank of fuel and camping in the open. Overland travel is affordable, it is environmentally one of the least harmful ways of travelling and it is great fun to share your experiences with your friends.

There are many different overland safaris on offer in Africa from tented camping trips to the more luxurious safari trips. So if you feel it is your duty to give a little back to Africa, consider this: most tour booking prices will spend roughly 10% of the tour price in the country of destination, while overland safaris spend over 50% of the tour price in the country of destination.

If you can’t find a group to join, create one, get your friends together in true “Cooked” fashion and plan a trip. For advice on your dream African experience contact us.

Safe Travels,
Darren Putter

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